A Boutique for New & Used Bicycles

Concept & Services Offered


My goal is to be unique in the sense of my shop culture, the product I carry, and my emotions towards anyone walking in the door. I can’t stand shops (rather stores) where you are mocked for riding a bike under $1,000.00 in your street clothes. I fully understand that ‘normal’ people ride bikes as well, do not have the winning lottery numbers each week, and are looking for a down to earth environment with excellent service. I preform 99% of the work done myself, I answer the phone, I sweep the floors, I build the bikes, I shake your hand and ask your name, I am your contact if something goes wrong. I prefer it this way… yes it is a lot of work but anything worth doing is.

While my store was founded and is still deeply rooted in the restoration of used bicycles, I have also began selling new bikes of all types as well. I’ve elected to retain the Old Bikes Belong (OBB) name because they do in fact belong. Often I take in trades of older bikes for brand new bikes or even a used bike for a used bike. The new product I sell is unique, I’m the only dealer in town for most things I sell and I go up and beyond to include more than ‘stock’ options. Often I am adding hydration cages, bar wrap, racks, boxes, etc and only charging the base price. I will also not charge you for my time, advice, or test rides. I will also not try and sell you something you cannot afford!

Services Offered

I restore older bikes (including any needed bearing work) do custom builds, trade for your bikes, locate hard to find items, do repair work on your bikes, offer parts, sell new bikes, give advice, chat, talk about how cold or hot the weather is, and generally enjoy what I do. I hope you enjoy the atmosphere at OBB and tell you friends!


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