A Boutique for New & Used Bicycles


I started re-‘cycling’ used bikes in 2009 after being in the situation of a financially challenged college student and still having a burning desire for a dependable road bike. Being located in Louisville Kentucky, a bike friendly atmosphere, made the option of bringing an old bike back to life a fun challenge. Now the opportunity to use my hands to turn something that most would consider unusable into something beautiful in its own right has been a blessing to my life. Now I also sell new bikes (very picky about what I carry) along side older bikes for those who have a higher cycling relate budget.

While cycling has been a love of mine the past few years, in 2007 I was massively overweight at 315 pounds. A bike was a huge part of my life in losing 125 pounds. Helping others pick up the sport for either recreation, commuting, or exercise has become a passion of mine.

Recently (May 2011) I graduated from the University of Louisville with a degree in business marketing. Here, my teachers and colleagues had a huge impact on my life. Most of all I learned that there isn’t a substitute for hard work

I attend Southeast Christian Church and am proud to say every blessing I have belongs to God, not me. Without Him I would have not been able to ever overcome what has been put in front of me.

One more bike, one less car and certainly many more smiles.


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